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a Free Metronome


(For Windows Only)

This is a simple basic little program I made for myself a long time ago, you could leave it on your desktop if you want for easy access.  NOTE: it is A Windows only program

*NOTE: This is an .exe file (A small program)     

If you have problems downloading this then Download the zip file, here:  

  You will need to extract it using a zip program such as 7zip a free program you can download from here:


Depending on the set-up of your PC/Laptop Antivirus and Windows defender, you may get a message about windows protecting your PC against Unknown Publisher, so you might have to Right click on the downloaded program (or if option shown click Next, anyway) go to Trouble Shoot compatability, - select Try Recommended settings, -Test Program, click Next and should work,  You may get a notice about - Unknown Publisher, working on computer, select YES.

Each computer is a little different in its set-up so messages can vary.

Because it is an old program Windows can be over cautious, but a lot of my students when I was teaching in the past used this little program

Hope the little Metronome is useful

Free Metronome

(For Windows Only)

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to Download

(For Windows Only)